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Are you planning to visit France? If so then you should consider visiting Vizille. It’s a town/commune in the Isere department located in South-East France. The area has a population of about 7,500 people (2014). If you visit Vizille here are some of the sites you should include on your itinerary:

The theme of this museum is the French Revolution. The museum is situated in the town of Vizille. The museum was developed during the year 1984 in the former home of the Château de Vizille. That’s the former residence of the Presidents of France (1924-1972), Perier family, and the dukes of Lesdiguières.

The museum is also a landmark for other important functions. It hosted the meeting of 3 estates called the Assembly of Vizille. The museum also held a short-term exhibit of the Comédie-Française. That’s one of the state theaters in France. It’s considered the world’s oldest theater that’s still active. The state theater is also the only one that has its own troupe of actors.

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The Vizille museum contains several noteworthy exhibits. They include one of Louis-Michel Le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau. He was a French politician and also a martyr during the French revolution. Le Peletier as assassinated on the eve of the French king’s execution. The collection of Thomas Bouquerot de Voligny honors the Council of Ancients’ deputy. He was a French politician and magistrate, while his brother was a general.

The events leading up to the revolution included three orders. That includes one from the church, a nobleman, and also the third state. This helps to explain why the museum is located inside the castle. The museum centers on the town’s importance in terms of France’s Revolution. There’s also an amazing garden that surrounds the large castle.

Another collection is of the François de Bonne, who was the Duke of Lesdiguières. He was France’s last constable. He was also a soldier during the French Wars of Religion. Finally, the museum’s museum also includes a painting by Rémy-Furcy Discarding entitled “A National Guard and His Wife.” The painting was completed in 1791.

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Vizille includes a 250-acre park that includes many trees over 100 years old. There’s also a wildlife park, castle, mini train, and pony carousel. Visitors to the area can enjoy other sites in the area when visiting the park. They include the castle and museum. The castle was constructed during the 1600s and has become a historical museum that centers of the revolution in France. It’s interesting that the revolution started at the Chateau de Vizille in July 1788. Then in the month of July Claude Perier had a meeting of about 500 men at a banquet. There are several businessmen, churchmen, notaries, doctors, lawyers, etc. at the Assemble of Vizille.

When visiting the park you can also visit the animal park. There you can see birds and deer living on the castle grounds. In the past, an area around the castle was dedicated to an interesting hunting race. This is the actual castle located in the town in France. It’s actually among the very interesting and important castles that are located in the Dauphiné Region. Since the 1300s the chateau was the home of France’s ruler. Today the castle is where the Musée de la Révolution française de Vizille I located.

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The Perrier family was the owner of the Chateau until the year 1895. During that time in 1862, the castle became a historical monument. Several decades later in 1924, the castle became the French State’s property. In 1973 the French government handed the famous castle to the Community Council of Isere. If you’re interested in seeing the region of Vizille then this is an excellent option. It gives you the chance to see the surrounding area that includes the chateau, castle, park, and other sites in the area.

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It provides a unique way to see the area because you’ll be riding a pony instead of just walking around the area. This will make your experience even better than a standard stroll around the area. A key benefit of this touring method is that it helps to ensure that you don’t miss anything. That’s because you can go at your own pace and stop off at the sites you want to see. On the other hand, there might be other sites that you don’t want to include in your tour.

Yet another benefit of the horseback tour is that it’s also good exercise. It’s the horse walking but the activity is still a great way you can get exercise while touring the area. That, in turn, will make your tour of the area even better.

These are some of the best sites to see when touring the town of Vizille. Make sure to include them on your itinerary to make your trip the best it can be. If you’re planning to visit Southern France this is definitely one of the best options. It will help to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

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