If you are thinking of visiting France and are not too keen on visiting Paris or its busy streets, there are a lot of other places that you want to check out. Or instance, there is Grenoble. Also referred to as “capital of the Alps”, the place has since enjoyed a log-endured reputation of that perfect postcard destination where the city is flanked by majestic mountains with their top capped with snow.

The town is a very important location in the alps. It is situated along the southeast of Lyon. It has been the site of a past Winter Olympics and has always been known for the beautiful mountain peaks capped with snow on its backdrop. The town is also the last destination for the regular Route Napoleon that commences along Cannes.

There are 158,000 inhabitants in the town and its known for its large population of students. The capital is established in Isere where it is known as a center for mountain sports. The town has also prided itself on being a center for the academic. The University of Grenoble which was founded in 1339 now holds a total of 50,000 students. This has since helped get the city established as a major center when it comes to science and research.

There are a lot of thing at one can do around the town. For instance, there are opportunities for snowboarding, snow shoeing, hiking, skiing, and climbing. The town has nature embedded as a huge part of its local culture. This is why tourists that have a penchant for doing activities that involve nature will truly appreciate a visit to the place. There is also the fact that it has this panoramic view of the entire city. The backdrop of the snow-capped French alps only makes it dreamier which is what makes it the perfect destination for people that want to appreciate France away from the glitz and the glam that is offered by Paris.

If you are into art, then there is an incredible presence of the arts in Grenoble. There are collections of arts from big names that are hosted in its museums. The place is also known for its literature and the many festivals that it hosts all year round. This is the birthplace of the French novelist of the 19th century Stendhal and Grenoble’s Bibliotheques Municipales has his manuscripts in its collections. Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Jean-Luc Godard are also other famous names that have stayed in the place.

Grenoble’s Musee is a setting for fine, modern, and contemporary art exhibitions. Musee de la Resistance is the perfect place to check out if you want to get a good look at the history of the French Resistant in the World War II. Meanwhile, if you are interested in exhibitions pertaining to converted industrial spaces, they are hosted at Le Magasin.

They are festivals that will certainly get the interested music lover into the scene too. For instance, there s the Grenoble Jazz festival which takes place in March this is a two-week affair where music is played no only in bars around the city but in various venues around the area as well.

For those that would love to hunt for the best cafes and places to dine in they are, there are midday coffee shops and pre-dinner papers that are around the area. There are places for evening cocktail as well. There are pubs, cafes, and bars that are scattered throughout the town.

The cable car is probably the most popular of the key attractiveness that draws visitors into Grenoble. This is the first able car to be built in the city long before those in Cape Town and in Rio de Janeiro ever came into existence. So, there certainly is a colorful history behind such an attraction.

People that check out the view from the cable car will be treated with the 360 degrees view of the alps. They can also see the scene over the city. In addition, there is a restaurant at the too where lunch, dinner, and coffee are served while one enjoys the beautiful views along with the historic defenses of the Bastille.

If you are fond f kebabs and sandwiches and pizzas, the Grenoble has plenty f these to offer. There s also a diverse selection of excellent quality restaurants so this is not just going to be a trip for the fees, but a trip for the stomach as well. Certainly, a trip that will be worth the time and the money spent especially when what it offers is a full treat to the senses.