How to Spend a Day in Grenoble

If you are visiting Paris and have a day to spare, one part of France that you would certainly want to pay a visit is Grenoble. It is only a three-hour ride for the capital and is certainly one picturesque destination that you would not dare to miss out on. Here are just some of the many activities that you can take part in if you wish to visit the place.

Take in the sites. The city is just your picture perfect postcard destination. With the French Alps on its background, this is certainly one of those places where you would want to take photographs forever corner and every stop that you make. It is beautiful and it is certainly the perfect merging of the city and nature alike if you want to get some serious walking done, then exploring the city should e top if your list.

Enjoy the food. There are a ton of restaurants that are known for their exquisite French cuisine which you can find littered around the city. The fact that this is a place where the student population is very high means that you can enjoy everything at student pricing if you want a trip that allows you to get the most out of what you are sending, this certainly is.

Stroll in Grenobletown. If you have already stuffed yourself way too much and need to get some of those burned out. Then a stroll into the town is always a good idea. The city has the best streets for a casual stroll. The mountains at the backdrop will only make the walk every inspiring. So, if not for the calories burned out but for the view, this is one thing you should definitely do.

Visit the Museums. There are several museums that the city has to offer and for those love art, there s the Stendhal museum. For people that want to get reacquainted with the French’s efforts in the resistance back in World War II, another museum is dedicated to that as well. This is certainly is one place to head to for the art and the history buff alike.

Enjoy the local cafes. If all the sightseeing and the walking are starting to wear you down, settle in one of the chairs of the cafes that litter around the city. You will enjoy your drinks piping hot as you bite into delectable French pastries while you enjoy the view. This would be a perfect afternoon activity to do. Of coffee is way too soft for you, you can always add in a shot of Chartreuse in the mix.

Of course, you cannot miss the cable car to the Bastille. This bubble-shaped equipment will certainly delight you as you explore the Bastille fort and enjoy the view of the city below. It also gives you a full view of the Alps- which makes it really worth the ride.

So, if you are getting a little tired of the hustle and bustle of the Parisian scene, a trip to Grenoble would certainly cure that.