Foods that You Need to Try Out when in Genoble

France has not only been known for its fashion and its art. It is very much known for its food as well. This is who if you are planning a trip to Grenoble, you will certainly want to see to it that you get a good idea of the kind of mouth-watering delights that will await you here. Below are some of the foods that you definitely should try out when you are in Grenoble.

Foie Gras

You cannot talk French food and not mention this dish. This is a luxury pate that is made from the fattened live of a goose or a duck. This is one of the most famous dishes made from France and it does not come at a cheap price too. But one should definitely try it out at least once to make the most of that French experience. LeCote is a good place to head to if you want to taste homemade ones.


These are tiny square made of buckwheat pasta are considered as the Savoyard specialty in the Alps. Make sure to not miss out on Gratin de Crozet. This is a creamy gratin that is made up of gourmet French cheese, baked Crozet, mixed with either crayfish, escargot, foie gras, or truffles. Definitely, an indulgent dish that you must try out.


You would definitely want to make sure that you get a good taste of the Chartreuse. This is French liqueur characterized by its bright green color. it made from  130 plants, flowers, and herbs, the concoction of which is supposed to be secure that only the Charthusian monks are supposed to hold since as early as 1737. Supposedly, only two people how now the secret recipe behind it. It quite stares in most bars and restaurants in the area and since it has proof at 55%, its best that you get yourself only a small one or a big glass is likely going to give you a rather good kick.


These are pork meatballs and they hail from the nearby Drome. Le Tire Bouchon is definitely going to offer a good plate of this. Add to the mix the good French restaurant ambiance complete with  French accordion music played live in the background and you know that you are getting the full experience.

Crème Brulee

Of course, you may have already had your fill of this delicacy before. But if you it you can already guess what the French version is, you are wrong. What the French offers are an alcohol crème brulee. If you are gunning for that decadent dessert with a kick, then this is certainly a must try.


This Provencal dish is made of caper, olives olive oil, and anchovies. This is a very good appetizer and one staple of the French cuisine that you will certainly want to try out.

Gratin Dauphinois

Another traditional French dish that you will not want to miss out on, this is a gratin made of creamy potato that is then topped with cheese and crème Fraiche. This is a very indulgent dish that is served on the side. It is also available in most French restaurants.