Keeping Fido Safe during Your French Vacation: Best Wireless Dog Fence for Small Dogs

Do you want to keep your dog safe outdoors? If you want to let your pet pooch safe and sound while running around outdoors you should consider a wireless dog fence for small dogs.

Why a Wireless Dog Fence?

You might be wondering why you should consider a wireless fence instead of a wired one. Here are some of the main benefits a no-wire unit can provide:

  1. Installation

If you don’t want to spend hours putting up a dog fence then you should certainly consider a wireless unit. In fact, the process couldn’t easier. It’s a matter of plugging in the unit’s transmitter, setting the circle size, and putting the dog collar on your canine. It’s that’s easy! Even if you’re a DIY fan you probably don’t want to spend more time than you have to installing products around your home. That’s why this is certainly a key benefit over wired dog fences.

  1. Support

You can find units that automatically transmit a  message to the manufacturer if there are any issues. This will help to make sure the company is aware of the malfunction and help with the repair as soon as possible. This is a plus over wired fences. The company might provide some sort of troubleshooting but the process won’t be automatic.

  1. Boundary

Another plus of a wireless system is you can set the boundary anywhere. You might want it to cover the perimeter of your backyard. However, you also might want your dog to stay within a smaller area that doesn’t include the flower bed or garden, for example. In those cases a wireless fence is a better option.

  1. Wireless

This might seem like a case of stating the obvious but it’s definitely worth noting. Wireless is the trend today for everything from web connectivity to smartphone/tablet charging. What’s the big deal? Dealing with a bird’s nest of wires can be a hassle and especially outdoors. A practical issue is you probably don’t want to spend hours setting up a wired system or untangling the wires when they get twisted up in a knot. There’s also the issue of dealing with damaged wires and other issues.

What to Look for in Wireless Dog Fence

When picking a wireless dog fence there are many issues to consider. They include:

  • Brand
  • Model
  • Features
  • Rechargeable/non-rechargeable
  • Price
  • Reviews

In terms of features there are certainly ones you should look for. Water resistance is critical since there’s a chance the unit could get wet due to rain, snow, or sleet. The correction type/levels are also important since this is critical for training your dog to stay within the fence’s perimeter. Look for units with different intensity/stimulation levels. Yet another issue is the unit’s max. number of dogs. Some include unlimited dogs while others include a maximum number.

Another major issue is the fence’s capacity. This is especially true in terms of the size of your yard. You’ll want a unit that can cover your entire front or back yard when necessary. If that’s not the case it will limit the unit’s functionality.

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