Wireless Dog Fence for Small Dogs: How a Wireless Dog Fence Works

If you desire security for your dogs and you want them to enjoy all the benefits and freedom and also keep them within bounded areas, the best option to consider is a wireless dog fence for small dogs. You don’t need to use any leash on your dog and his movement will not be restricted by any visible boundary. The wireless fence will help manage and control the dog when the owner is not around or busy. Also, if you carry your puppies on a trip but you don’t want him to roam about or get lost, a wireless dog fence will be very beneficial.

How Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work

Essentially, a wireless dog fence is made up of two major parts – a receiver and a transmitter. The receiver is usually set up in the dog’s collar. Once you power the base station from a 110 V system, and the activation of the collar receiver is done with batteries, you can then proceed to create a specific boundary to restrict your pet’s movement. The steps to set the boundary are as follows: switch on the ‘program’ button positioned on the base station, walking with the collar to a desired boundary area, and then save the program in the base station.

The wireless is a wonderful training tool and can be installed in a short period. However, many attempts and efforts may be required to install an ideal boundary for a small dog. Some wireless dog fence equipment only has space and capacity to contain a maximum of two dogs. Under ideal conditions, the boundary installation can be at a length of about 200 feet in radius. It is wise to support the base station with non-metal surfaces and away from big machines.

The base station links up with your dog’s collar and continuously track their movement to keep them in the bounded area. The owner has access to important information and is quickly informed if the dog is in danger. If there is any attempt by the dog to break out of the bounded area, the owner is instantly alerted.

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